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7 Amazing Train Trips to Add to Your Bucket List

Traveling by train can be a truly special experience. It can provide not only a reliable and comfortable mode of transport, but simultaneously, unparalleled panoramic views during your journey. Whether you have only a couple hours for a train ride, a couple days, or a couple weeks, at least one of these incredible journeys should fit nicely on your bucket list! In no particular order...

White Pass & Yukon Route

Skagway, Alaska, USA

This train is the main attraction in Skagway, and is frequented by cruisers on a daily basis throughout the Alaskan Summer. Its perfectly affordable, and filled with photo-worthy mountain views, waterfalls, gorges, climbing as high as 3,000 feet in just 20 miles. Something often overlooked, is the first class car lined with leather seating that offers 10-12 travelers open bar, snacks, a personal tour guide, and an expanded observation deck.

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GoldenPass Line


Its almost impossible to think of a more beautiful country to enjoy via train than Switzerland. For that reason, we felt it was a vital addition to our list. GoldenPass offers a number of different routes that explore the country, including the very famous Alps, in lovely nostalgic seats with panoramic windows.

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Venice Simplon-Orient Express

Venice, Italy

The Venice-Simplon is an extremely luxurious way to travel throughout European while enjoying all your views along the way (in cushy cabins, with exquisite food and beverage offerings). Belmond offers various routes on the Venice-Simplon including Venice to Paris, London to Verona, Venice to Vienna, Venice to Budapest, and many more.

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The Bergen Line "Norway in a Nutshell"

Oslo & Bergen, Norway

Fjord Tours offers a wonderful tour from Oslo to Bergen (or roundtrip) quite literally called "Norway in a Nutshell". It covers 231 miles of Norwegian beauty, and can actually be completed in 7 hours, but the suggested timeline stretches out the itinerary to a couple of days to take in every stop and spend the night in at least some of the picturesque city-stops.

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Hiram Bingham

Machu Picchu, Peru

Belmond sure can do hotels AND trains exceedingly well. We love this trip as it adds an extremely luxurious element to visiting Machu Picchu, which we should assume should already be on many avid travelers' bucket lists. Belmond offers full tours that include hotel stay in their various resorts throughout Peru, first class train travel, and more. The first class touch would surely come in handy as the different elevations you can experience throughout the tour can present some challenges. (For example, they even offer rooms with extra oxygen to ease your slumber and help you better adjust to the altitude)

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Rocky Mountaineer, Canadian Rail Adventure

All Throughout Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer offers tons of diverse and exciting routes throughout Canada. We really like the Canadian Rail Adventure, as it covers a lot of ground in just 12 days. The jam-packed journey includes stops in: Vancouver, Kamloops, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. Vacations by Rail offer a fully planned itinerary that includes luxury hotel stay and excursions throughout the entire journey.

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& Just For Fun

GoldenPass - "The Chocolate Train"


The only thing we love more than cheese; and this luxurious train involves both! GoldenPass offers 'Le Train du Chocolat', an all day excursion that includes first class train fare, any additional bus transfers, and entries to both chocolate and cheese factories, and the lovely sampling that comes along with both factory visits.

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What train journeys are on your bucket list? Tell us below!

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